Anyone Own Or Have Experience With An ISUZU Rodeo Camper??


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Ad says its sold?
Yes I realize that it's sold. I just stumbled across it and became very curious. Where there's one, there's more. Wanted to see if anyone knows anything about them because I might put it on my radar for the future.


"... Where there's one, there's more..."

Maybe in Japan, maybe in Australia, New Zealand...

RHD [right-hand drive] is the tip-off. Then again, plenty of of Toyota's & Nissan's had this treatment done here in the U.S. [Chinook, Dolphin, Escaper, Huntsman, Itasca, Odyssey, Seabreeze, Sunrader, Winnebago].

Plenty of swaps have been with them over the years, to include 4x4 & diesel conversions.

An Isuzu? Would be the most unique in any campsite, for sure.

Lastly, because of the strict nature of Japanese laws, many - desirable - vehicles we in the U.S. long for are often available at extremely reasonable prices.

However, ensuring U.S. Fed laws are accepting of said vehicles is the primary stumbling block.

Personally, we had considered putting a Sunrader camper, from a Toyota, onto the frame of a Mitsubishi Montero - along w/ a diesel & 5-speed... but, we have far too many other windmills to tilt.

Biggest issue would have been the over-sized [width/ height] nature of the camper body & managing to fit it where we wanted to venture in the great outdoors.

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I don't know much about that drive train/ chassis but I am also curious after seeing one sell in e-bay down here in the states:

Those would be easy to import to CA under the 15 year law that allows all those RHD Delicas and diesel Toyotas to come into North America.
Any of the reputable importers in BC could probably help out. I'll post back here if I dig up any worthwhile information.


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These use the 2.8 4bd1 usually, they are tough little 4x4s. They are similar to the Isuzu Pup trucks they used to sell here in the states. There are parts available but are harder to find and get.


I have one of these now available for sale. Parts to find haven't been an issue, Many components are the same as trooper parts. If anyone in this thread is interested or knows someone who is, let me know. 1.jpg 2.jpg