Anyone running Stealth F5 wheels on a 2nd gen Taco?

My new 255/85-16 Coopers are rubbing my UCAs at lock (2015 DC Taco with OME suspension and OE wheels).

I'm debating going to a negative offset wheel to correct the problem.

That said I don't want to create any rubbing issues on the body.

Anyone running F5s on a 2nd gen Taco?
Which backspacing are you considering?

I have 3.5" BS with 255/85R16 KM2s and can echo Wasatch's experience, after removing the mud flaps and knocking a bit of plastic off of the very inner part of the fender flare they fit. I had to trim my plastic splash shield as well and beat the pinch weld while I was in there to ensure it doesn't rub.
Thanks for all the input and help, nice pic Wasatch!

I'm looking at the 4.5" BS which are 1.7" wider than OE, as opposed to the 3.5" BS which are 2.6" wider.

That should give me plenty of UCA clearance and still keep the 255s tucked nicely under the rig.

Now I just need to find some!!