Anyone use a Slee bumper for hitch mount dirt bike carrier??


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Hello, I just recently acquired a 1997 LX450 with a beautiful Slee rear bumper. The vehicle has no receiver, but Slee offers two option for adding a 2" receiver directly to their bumper. Does anyone have any experience specifically with this bumper with any significant tongue load? I contacted Slee and they promptly answered back, but since neither of their options are tow rated, they couldn't legally give me any specifics on tongue weight. Which I understand. The dirt bike and carrier I estimate to be about 300 lbs. I have a Diesel for the usual dirt bike transport/towing. I am just inquiring some feedback for the occasional time I may have to use the LX for hauling a dirt bike. Thanks!!

Rezarf <><

I've not encountered a company that builds more quality parts for the Land Cruiser community's ham Slee. I would add one of their hitches with quality and properly sized grade 8 bolts, and not give it a second thought.

Chris Boyd

I think Kurt from cruiser outfitters hauls a bike on his 100 from time to time, but has an ARB rear. That said, he's a slee dealer and has installed many of them, so maybe he could give you a better gut feel. @cruiseroutfit.

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Never hauled bikes but have pulled a trailer loaded with rafting gear, food and booze for a 10 river trip without any problems on my Slee bumper. Wouldn't hesitate to tow a larger trailer or boat either.