Arb fridge

Got a question for about running my fridge. Just started building out my 2008 4Runner V8 and first shake down run is coming up. I have an Arb fridge I used in my previous rig, 2001 Xterra, and until I
got a National Luna portable power pack just used the rear 12v receptacle. The Xterra leaves these powered up whether vehicle is running or not but I discovered the Toyota is only powered
when key is on. How has everyone coped with this? I will mainly be driving and exploring in Death Valley for about a week, moving day to day, no long term camping. If fridge is set colder when powered up you think it'll suffice to keep things cold and not spoiled? Was thinking of putting in some frozen water bottles to help keep things cool. Any thoughts? Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.
I used ARBs receptacle that accepts the fridges plug and wired it in direct. In the 1st get Tacomas there is also a way to pull a relay under the hood and jump the input-output to get full time power at the dash 12v plugs too, Id imagine you could find something similar for your 4runner.
Hey Congrats on the 4th Gen! The V8 is a great engine! I too have a fridge in back. I routed 10ga wire from the battery to a new 12V plug that I installed. The wires are routed along the driver side door jam under the plastic threshold. Super easy. Its better to use thicker wire anyway, there is enough voltage drop along the stock wire that the cutoff on the fridge will shut the fridge down well before the voltage setting it is at.
Your going to love that Runner!
And to add- I regularly unplug my ARB overnight, even in Summer, and the temp increase is negligible. Couple degrees max. Don't like hearing it cycle while i sleep.