ARB Linx

I am sure it will be in the same price range as all of the other ARB stuff. AKA sure the ARB lights are great but you can get an awesome product from Rigid, Baja etc for less dollars.

The good thing about ARB, is that they tend to be trend setters in some aspects. For an example, the ARB bumper. Awesome product. Been around forever. These days, there is a lot of awesome products for less money.

Hopefully, other companies will see this product, and decide to compete.

Regardless, it looks like an awesome product.
Hopefully an app for your phone instead of making you buy their display. Seems pretty cool, but potentially problematic with important stuff like lockers( you can live without the 15 different types of lights on your roof if there is a glitch)

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It's not an app that you can add to your phone, the touchscreen display is a dedicated android based device that comes with the package when you buy it. That alone makes me hesitant, as every android phone I have ever used has become glitchy as hell within a year of owning it. I'm sure it won't be cheap because it is ARB, but to then have to upgrade the display device or send it back for a new one every 1-2 years to maintain a usable system because the android device starts to go haywire would just be a slap in the face.

That said, it is a really nicely integrated system that allows for some fancy features.
It's not an app that you can add to your phone, the touchscreen display is a dedicated android based device that comes with the package when you buy it.
OK, so reasonably priced is out the window.

Really I'm just looking for something to control lights and probably a compressor that reduces clutter in the engine bay. The SPOD is totally ridiculous at $700 but there are some other options:

or maybe something like this and just use Toyota switches:



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$699 ;)

I spent some time with the engineer at SEMA, while the unit itself is similar to an sPod, etc... The current and future modules are where it gets neat.
I hate messing with my phone while driving. That's why dedicated switches are so nice. You don't have to take your eyes off the road.
then this isnt for you lol
but this is kinda neat that it will do more then just control lights. but yea, after you add up all the modules, its going to be $$$$
Although its an interesting idea, they're gonna have to make it as bombproof as they can. I believe bombproof for this gizmo will be lacking when compared to dedicated switches.

Think about it. If a cell phone can start acting weird after a year and cut you off from comunications, what can happen to the device controlling all your vehicle's auxiliary systems.

Sure, its not going to leave you stranded, but it'll leave you without lockers when you may need them most or without your compressor for airing up, or without aux lights when you need them..

If an overlander's mantra is to keep things simple, sometimes taking it as far as using old vehicles because they have less things to fail, why would you install one of these things?

Its going to take a while for ARB to make this work, and even then, I doubt it'll become mainstream or even somewhat popular in the near future.