Arizona Strip - 64 gallons later

:Wow1::Wow1::Wow1: I went to Savanic mine yesterday. What an awesome trail, all I could think about was how the hell that power wagon made the trip:Wow1: Cant wait to go back.
Great trip report Fred.

Awesome pics. and thanks for the route maps you posted.


Let us know when you post pics. Chicken.

Love to see 'em.
Revisiting the Arizona Strip

Decided to take a visit and explore a few of the many trails in the Arizona Strip. This time take the SMB and travel alone.

Like the first time, I left the pavement outside of Mesquite Nevada but taking the Elbow Canyon trail over the Virgin Mountains. This trail is traveled less and more remote than the Lime Kiln Canyon.

Toward the top the you enter trees and other vegetation that would cause you to think you're not in the Arizona desert.

I had forgotten just how remote and how far one has to travel on dirt to get anywhere:

While it was a mild winter at home here at the higher elevations in February it was still subject to winter weather:

Near the top a sign reminded me that the rocky trail out to Kelly Point is closed during the winter months:

As I traveled out toward Twin Point the light rain started changing:

And soon I had to keep in mind that I was a long way from any paved road and if there was a real dump of snow I would be on my own for a few days.

I woke up on day three to find a winter wonder land:

Decided to slowly make my way out toward St George.

Three days without seeing a to make it back here again.

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Thanks for sharing! That is some amazing country to explore. I lived in Kingman for 7 years and tried to get up there as often as possible. I had a hell of an adventure on my last trip there...

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GREAT trip report! I especially like the fact that you included maps - that's fantastic.
I'll be picking this report apart as we prepare for DE-V in September. At this point I'm thinking we'll have to do some detailed planning to avoid running out of gas.
I may shoot you a PM now and then as our trip approaches. ;)
man that's just thee cure for my wanderlust...
when are you going again?
Sorry I didn't respond sooner, haven't been looking at the Thread for a while. To answer your question, I have a group I taking on a week long trip there the last week of March 2016.

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I'm going to take a winter trip again this January 2018 over a long week end, willing to consider some additional candidates to come along. Will most likely be over a long weekend, a Thursday - Tuesday trip.

I will post details on the "Future Adventure Planning Category"

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