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My Dexter axle just came in and like you, I want to match my Toyota wheel bolt pattern but, it came in with the incorrect stud size 1/2" diameter. Did you order your axle with different studs, did you change your studs (what did you use?) or did you use different lugs (what did you use)?
Thanks for your help, I have learned a lot from your build.
I had the same issue ('13 FJC w/ 16" wheels). I kept the Dexter's 1/2" studs but used deep splined nuts. The trailer's spline pattern is different than the Toyota splines but the nuts will work with both the Toyota rims and the trailer rims. In other words, I can use any rim I have on either the FJ or the trailer as long as I keep the Toyota nuts on the FJ and the trailer nuts on the trailer. For me this was much cheaper than finding metric threaded studs and swapping them out.

ETA, I had to use splined nuts because even a thin walled deep hex socket would not fit in the Toyota rims. The spined trailer nuts had a socket that would fit into the small factory wheel holes. The small local tire shop had all this in stock so it would was easy peasy.
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2018 Tacoma DC 4X4, M416
That sounds much better than machining the existing lug nuts. I will start looking for a set of splined nuts for the trailer.
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2018 Tacoma DC 4X4, M416
One more question, did you have to purchase hub rings in order for the Toyota rims to run on the Dexter axle hub face? My openings are huge compared to the lip on the Dexter axle? If you did, do your know what size and where you purchased them?