Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.


Fly Fishing!
how do you get the flies to sit still while you tie them up? :sombrero:

been awhile since i've posted anything but here are a few from last week. hopefully the monitor recalibration i did the other week clears up the darkness issue you guys were seeing.



I have never posted in this section, but really liked this shot.

Happy New Year!


I'll need to figure out how to make the image larger in the post though.



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Here are some of my shots. I come from the old school where I did B&W darkroom, and always try to capture the image correctly using the camera and not rely on Photoshop. I have CS2 and use it for dust deletion and some playing around but not much as I just haven't spent the time to learn it. Some of these are adjusted in post using basic tools like color and saturation.

Kauai, Hi

Heineken anyone?

Greer, Az

near Sedona, Az

Kauai, Hi

Kauai, Hi

Waters off the coast of Alaska