Austin TX shop recommendations


Hey Guys,

I bought a 2005 gen 3 monty at 97K Miles about 2 months ago. Had to do things which required a mechanics help and have tried using a couple of generic shops. I could make out that although they do the job but they aren't specific to the model etc.

Could you please guide me on a good Monty mechanic in the Austin area?

Thanks for all your help.


I have taken mine to Rising Sun Auto and had an OK experience. Mine is Gen II, was idling rough. Took it in and they replaced the IAC for around $500, didn't solve the rough idle issue. Took it back in, caused a fuss, and they found a gasket missing somewhere around the throttle body (but not throttle body gasket). They replaced that and issue was fixed. So, I got a new IAC, which may or may not have been required.

Also, they didn't seem to have much experience with Mitsubishi.


I have not used this shop personally, but I found them highly recommended on some forums, when I was setting up a "fly and buy" not too long ago. (The deal never materialized)

I wanted ASE-certified mechanics and a shop that wasn't a franchise/chain store. I reached out to them to do a pre-purchase inspection, and was pleased with the response. I also read through their site and facebook page, sometimes pictures tell a better story. They speak fluent BMW, Alfa, Audi, Land Rover, and Jaguar, and originally specialized in Japanese vehicles, so surely they can handle a Montero properly.

I imagine they could give much better service than any of the shops described in this post so far, hopefully you've not already tried them and been disappointed.