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Back from the dead.
Had a sagging passenger rear leaf spring. I contemplated having them reworked by a suspension shop/blacksmith but rebuild was going to cost $140.Went to Pick N Pull and got the leaves out of a mid 90's Montero sport at $49 each it was a great deal.

So, they are almost a direct bolt in... almost
1st gen on top, sport on the bottom

The main difference is the bushing at the front of the leaf, 1st gen is an all rubber deal, sport uses a semi-solid metal/rubber bushing

and the front pin bolt is different

1st gen

Monty sport

The shackle end of things is pleasantly very similar

and the shackles are identical

Back to the pins, So I decided the best way to deal with this was to turn down the 1st gen pin so it would fit into the Monty sport semi-solid bushing


End result, a bolt in Monty sport rear leaf spring as the front pin now fits the bushing.

In general aside from being a lot newer the Sport springs are a better design. They have longer middle leaf length and some other nifty design features as well as a better inter leaf slider design. road test was good, ride was ever so slightly firmer and the back felt more " in control " with less sway. I think I'll keep them.....


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I did the same thing on my Gen 1 when I swapped the locking Sport 9.5" rear end. I've had problems bending Gen1 leaf springs so with the Sport springs having the military wrapped end the problem has been solved. I had to clearance my spring hanger on the front side to not rub on the spring, it was an annoying squeak.


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Montero Sport is a Mighty Max with an SUV body, but you're probably right that the first or second Gen Mighty Max spring pins might match the Gen 1 Montero.

I know you know this Rx, that was more for everyone else's information.
I'm currently doing a 1UZFE swap in my '88 L144 (coil rear). What are the parts required for this swap? Does it increase track as well? I see that you have upgraded your calipers as well.

Any input is appreciated.


So got some gen 2 parts and did a few modifications, netted a little bit of travel

old stuff

all gone

New stuff in at full droop

and full up

Bigger shocks, bump stops, modified shock mount and more to come


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I love when these older threads are revived and brought to the attention of newer forum members like me. Thanks Inc.X.

Now after reading the whole thing I'm asking the same question as Josh.