Back at 4x4, 313CDI 4x4 Sprinter

Thanks guys.

So this swings outdoor too right?
Yes it does, but that`s more of a bonus than planned.

So i checked the ac to find the leak and ordered parts:

Adjusted the lights:

Those hid spots are almost too bright:

Then i did an oil change:

Cut some threads for the table mount lock:

Looked for some nice handles in my castings bin:

Changed chucks:

Machined the castings:

Put in some brass stock so the locking bolts don`t mar up the bushing surface:


Added a gusset and apart from paint it`s done:


So the ac wasn`t good, it was empty again after a few days. To be precise the day before we planned to start holidays.

Here`s the problem:

The dealership couln`t get a new one in time so i tried to weld it. Worked perfect:

Was fine this time:

And off for holidays: