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Hi team. My 1972 has been on blocks for 18 months while I was away. Today I got back to work on it. New battery. Replace spark plugs, squirted in some oil. Cleaned the engine block of rat ****. Air in tires. Check radiator. I need 4 inches of fuel line that cracked. Changed fuel filter. Will change oil, grease everything.
What else do I need to check?



Sounds, like you have your bases covered! 18 months isn't a huge amount of time to sit fortunately.

I'm sure Series guys will be of more help, but in general, check everything rubber.

LR Max

Local Oaf
If you want the overkill list...

Beyond engine, transmission, transfer case, diffs, and swivels, Check:

Brakes and brake fluid. Make sure you don't have some weird leak somewhere.
Clutch hydraulics. Same.
Re-torque drive flanges (35 ft-lb, If memory serves, it is a spec in the manual) and lug nuts. Hope to ward off leaking hub seals. And if you feel frosty enough, check wheel bearings as well.
Steering box and relay fluid
Grease driveshafts (aka, propshafts)

I'd drain and get new, clean fuel. That'll solve a lot of problems and its easy on a series. Gasoline and diesel will go bad or grow stuff or items will magically migrate to the fuel tank. Pick one. Also if you see a bunch of rust come out of the tank, that'll let you know you need to do something there. Also if you see junk coming out of the fuel tank, go ahead and clean out your fuel lines.

Look in the carb bowl. Make sure there isn't junk in there.

After start up, check battery voltage. Make sure the alternator is working. New battery won't work long if it ain't getting replenished.

Clean connections to starter, because winter.

Check all lights for burned out bulbs. Adjust doors if you happen to get free time.

Should be good to go.


Perfect, thanks for this. Bloody cold today but tomorrow and next week is meant to be warmer.