Barn Door for JK factory hardtops


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Definitely looks like a test mule now. If the price point on these can be kept down with a good quality Ild wager they would sell.
The uppers could be fairly inexpensive. I call these uppers a "hard shell retrofit kit"; they're fiberglass outer shells that replace the fabric cover of a factory upper - since the factory inner shell is retained the fit to the door is factory and they slip in place just like the factory uppers. They use the slider window kit Retrofit Offroad sells and only two other things: the fiberglass outer shell and a special adhesive for bonding to the fiberglass to the factory plastic shell. The fiberglass outer shell is very simple to mold and wouldn't be expensive; the adhesive retails for about $40 for enough to do the job.

From the inside you can see that they're factory uppers with a new outer skin and a slider window:

They could be a DIY kit, but bonding the fiberglass outer shell to the plastic inner shell requires a specific procedure and a special gun - it's a two-part adhesive that comes in dual tubes and requires a dual-tube gun, something all auto body shops would have but few DIY-ers (except me) would have.

Any chance you are gonna try and do the lower half in fiberglass for a complete set?
I've done a preliminary design for the lower half doors but haven't yet decided if I'm going to build them. I may have posted concept drawings of the door design before, I can't remember.

Has any company shown interest in producing the fenders?
I haven't tried to find a company that may be interested in the fenders. My Jeep will be on display at the SEMA Show in the beginning of November, maybe some company will see them there and be interested.