Basil Lynch's 2000 F250 Expedition camper build

Hey All!

As many of you know the FJ is up for sale, (Linked Here: FJ SALE) Well I thought id share my new build! Last week I picked up my new truck in Santa Cruz!

The truck is a 2000 F250 4x4 7.3l Diesel, access cab short bed. The camper was custom built by the previous owner, he is a carpenter by trade and did an amazing job on it!

Right now the truck is pretty much stock, other than a small leveling kit and air bags. But thats about to change, ive got a bunch of goodies on the way and am super stoked to start this build!

I'll try and keep up with this thread, but I will be posting daily over on my instagram HERE!

What's the box lenght?
Not sure how long just the box is, but the truck is 20.5 feet long, short enough to fit in every national park/state park campground!

Very cool. Will be a nice new venture.
Thanks! It's been great so far!

How many miles on the 7.3?
138,000 miles, just getting broken in!

Perfect size for one person. Question: How are you able to reach and set up the ARB awning when it's mounted that high up?
It is! and currently its a pain to open, i'm going to be switching it out for an electric RV awning. They aren't cheap, but if its a pain to open i'll never use it.

Great looking rig! Is that on demand hot water mounted to the upper left on the back? Any issues with it living outside?
Yes! I've only had this truck for about a week now. But the previous owner drove it on a 4 month trip up to Alaska and back and he had no issues!
Here are some interior photos!

I'm looking to switch out the window that's over the kitchen area, I want to get one that's larger and also fully opens up. Anyone have suggestions on where I should start my search?

171021_BasilLynch_F250Interior_002 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr
171021_BasilLynch_F250Interior_003 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr
171021_BasilLynch_F250Interior_004 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr
171021_BasilLynch_F250Interior_005 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr
171021_BasilLynch_F250Interior_001 by Basil Lynch, on Flickr
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Really like your new ride! My 2001 f-350 has been hauling 10,000 pounds since it rolled off the dealers lot and it still runs and drives great at 120,000 miles. Looking forward to your improvements.