Bathroom / Shower Options for Sportsmobile

Please keep me in the loop I had a sprinter and loved it but I might switch to a transit since the sprinter won't work down in South America
shower tub

I had Sportsmobile put a 2x2 shower pan in the subfloor behind the EB50 sofa under the deck half of the sofa bed. it is covered by a removable lid. Simply remove the deck and shower lid, pull the shower curtain up out of the shower pan and snap it to the ceiling. They fit everything during the build so they could route the lines around this shower pan. The shower line is plugged into a bib they placed under the closet facing the rear of the van. drains to the ground or jug. Not sure if something like that would work for you, but I bet for enough mula they could figure out how to fit it in your rig even if lines needed to be moved under the subfloor. Good Luck
Build a 3' x 3' shower hoop out of pipe. You can use copper or galvanized or PVC. Get two shower curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as shower curtain rings. Put 4 eye bolts in the ceiling, in a usually open area, where you have floor space. Velcro strap 4 carabiners to the hoop. Get a $12 mortar bucket from Home Depot. Lay the mortar bucket on the open floor, under the eye bolts. Clip the shower hoop, with the curtains already on it, up to the eye bolts. Heat two small pots of water on your gas stove, if you hadn't already set a solar shower bag out in the sun 3 hrs earlier. You need about 1 gallon of boiling water, mixed w/ 3 gals of ambient temperature water. Mix this in a clean, 5 gal bucket. Drop a Rule 12v pump in the mixed bucket. Have some flex hose with a shower head hooked to the Rule pump. Bingo.
It depends on where you are camping. We carry a tent for the outside shower and shower box for the inside. While we are camping in the snow we used to take shower inside. I don't appreciate using wipes. I read that using wipes for a long time can cause the formation of bacteria. Also, taking shower is much better since you have a physical work.
came across this new hoity-toity shower head today that claims 75% water savings. Would probably require a good pump since it is intended for typical use with normal home water pressures and I bet it uses that pressure to the max to make this thing work. but...... 75% of water savings for us is ALOT
Looks complicated, and expensive. If I wanted a mister id probably just try this for $17
There are all kinds of spray bottles for cleaners, pick a large economy bottle and after you use the cleaner don't throw the bottle away. I've used Windex bottles because they have a fine spray, some have adjustable sprays from fine mist to a stream. Heat some water, fill the bottle. Wet the wash cloth and soap it up, spray the body in sections, wash it, spray rinse. Wipe off with another dry cloth, stand on a towel or set in a seat and dry as you go, head, arms, trunk/back, tail end legs and feet, you'll figure it out.

It takes very little water to clean the body, it's a "spit bath" :wings:

Wasting a gallon of water for one bathing session once a day on a five day trip for two is 10 gallons of water. I'll only carry 20 gallons, so using half to bathe and let it go to the ground isn't real efficient usage. Gray water can wash other things too. :snorkel:
Just to update this, we're doing a custom steal shower pan behind the driver. Will be about 30x15. It'll be powder coated black and our shower curtain will be in a rail in the ceiling. The curtain will be parked and velcro'd to the wall behind the driver. We'll then have several rows of L-track (two above the window, two below the window).

Essentially, this shower will serve as our bathroom (curve porta potty - pull the curtain around 3/4 to have privacy), vertical ski storage in the winter, wet gear storage, and we'll use the L-track to do vertical bike storage in the summer. Mostly, we'll use a hitch rack, but it'll be nice to store them inside for certain trips. We're fine take a few minutes to move the porta potty into the hall way to shower, or any other gear in there. This way, the shower doesn't take up any additional room, and also serves as an area for wet gear to drip into.

I can easily shower with 1.5 gallons of water. We've been using wipes all our outdoor life, and it just doesn't cut it when you've been sweating profusely all day and want to have sexy time at night :)