Batteries swollen and gassing - stuck in Tennant Creek


Hi all, just limped from into Tennant Creek with swollen gassing batteries, stooping every few hours to let them cool. They are venting a lot!

Now that i go to check the alternator output i cant start the truck.

Must it necessarily be a faulty alternator? Any chance replacing the batteries will be enough?
They are 2 different 12v batteries in series, and i may have damaged them when they shorted out badly 6 months ago, which may have led to their failure...
Will have to wait until Tuesday for anything to open here, but i hope that i can put in new batteries, start it, check the alternator, and even if the output is too high then disconnect the batteries and blast down to Alice to find an alternator...


if they aren't sealed then add water to cover the battery plates. That may give you enough power to start. Check voltage before and with engine running.


Well, started the truck up, voltage across battery terminals reads 32.18 when idling. Sounds too high!
Hopefully theres a wreckers around!

Thanks for the advice everyone.


Just waiting on an alternator, still in TC but i have a housetruck so all good, catching up on things. This is the first time ive had trouble getting a part for my 93 model, Isuzu not making the alternators anymore and gard to find somone wrecking an NPS59. Found the alternator aftermarket but new for 400 retail from Ashdown Ingram, but in Cairns! I think ill keep the old alternator and get an external regulator for it as a spare.