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EVERYTHING GONE - Nice to know this gear will have a second life.

A collection of assorted items, for people in the San Francisco Bay Area, as I don't ant to ship anything. Prices are very good, but you have to pick up the items from downtown San Francisco. PM if you are interested in any item and have any questions.

* GONE - ARB Fridge 35L/37Q, 2013 model. In working condition, but with a few scratches. (found 12volt power cord) $150.
* GONE - ARB Awning 2000 model and matching fly screen, again from 2013. Is well used with no obvious damage. $100.
* GONE - Front Runner Steel Camp table (approx 30in x 45in). $50 (I love this table, but it has to go).
* GONE - Front Runner Slanted Water Tank, 50l. Free to good home.
* GONE - Two Mastervolt 12 volt 270Ahr AGM Batteries (Super 8D). 3 1/2 years old, still hold a good charge. (we recently upgraded to lithium). $200 each.
* GONE - 2x Front Runner dual jerry can holders. Free to good home. In below average condition.
* GONE - Half a Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack. 54in x 40in. Note, this was a rack that was 54in x 78in, and I literally cut it in half. Includes Gutter mounting hardware, but you probably have to get your own mounting kit. Well used, scratches, a few holes drilled etc, but still strong and functional. $100.
* GONE - Expedition Sand Ladders (pierced aluminum plating) by OKoffroad 48in or HD version. $100 for pair.
* GONE - 2x 100 watt Rich Solar Panels (model RS-M100BX). 1 year old, in good condition. $100 for both. No mounting hardware.

Preference given to people are keen to pick up items sooner than later, as they a filling up my tiny storage locker.
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Interested in the fridge , jerry can holder, water tank and steel table.

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