BayMonty's 1997 Gen 2 Montero LS


Just got the Monty back from the shop and just swapped in a used set of 31” BFG KM2’s on 15” AR23’s in a satin black.

Just completed today:

Timing Belt
Water Pump
Idler Pulley
Updated Crank Bolt
OEM Thermostat with O-Ring
Valve Cover Gaskets
Intake Plenum Gasket
PCV Valve
Upper/Lower Radiator Hoses
NGK Spark Plugs
NGK Wires
Fuel Filter

All Fluids Changed: Oil, Coolant, Power Steering, Transmission, Transfer Case, Front/Rear Diffs, Brakes.

Thursday will see Bilstein 4600’s all around.

Next is to tackle the front end with new ball joints and tie rods. After that I’ll get into the e-brake light always on, driver side window regulators, rear passenger and rear tailgate lock actuators.

After the electricals, I’ll be moving to the bumpers and then a new alpine single stage paint job with the sudan beige metallic cladding possibly being rhino lined black.


Thanks! It’s my second one. I had a 2000 Endeavor that I had to sell a few years ago to make way for the family hauler...the Suburban.


Got all 4 shocks one day earlier than expected. Ordered the fronts on Amazon and the rears on Summit. Going in tomorrow!