Before and After Shots-- How your Vehicle has Evolved...


Awesome before pic, but where is the after...
sorry about that, fixed it in the above post, somehow clicked on the same file twice. here are a few more. the inside ceiling lights are able to change colors infinite at the turn of 3 dials controlling red, green, and blue led elements. The ceiling is suede leather, and the dash and interior trim pieces are covered with ostrich. The seats are grey leather, done in an old school racing seat style shape (original seats looked liked overstuffed 70's La-Z-Boy couches, which had all rotted, showing the interior steel frames, and foam turned to dust, so we resculpted new seat shapes with new stiffer foam and made templates for the seats) I used some burl wood from a Siberian elm tree I cut down and turned into lumber from a project I did making a custom home in Montana, and made the dash and door inserts and armrests from it.

The paint on the suburban is a flat epoxy style based paint, and I embedded it with a little bit of green and garnet flake, it is actually 3 colors blended; metallic black on top, fading to a metallic smoke on the sides, down to a metallic steel down low. I painted the hood extra "dry" when spraying the black, which gave an ultra flat, actual fuzzy application for anti glare.



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When I got it

Much taller and way more scratchy now.


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The first picture is the morning after I picked it up after a long wait from a build to order. Last of the TJ's!

Fairly recent pictures... 95% of the suspension has been changed along with front and rear Truetracs have been added.

And... hardtop or softop!