Berta: A 2004 F150 Overlanding Build


Base: 2004 F150 Super crew loaded with Tow and Lariat Packages with 3.73 gears and 5.4L Triton V8

Current Mods



Bilstien 5100 Rear
Bilstein 5100 Leveling Front
OEM Raptor 2.5 inch rear Blocks

2 Rigid Dually Spots
2 Rigid Dually Floods
2 Rigid Dually D2 Driving
2 Rigid Dually Flush Mount Floods
5000k Hi Lo Hids
All Other Bulbs Converted to LEDs

All LED Interior Lights
Custom Switch Panel

35x11.5x18 Nitto Terra Grapplers
Warn 9,500 Short Drum Winch
Tepui Kukanam RTT
Front Runner RTT Bed Rack
Black UWS Low Profile Tool Box
Painted Inner Fenders
4' Firestik CB Antenna

Wrangler Power Dual Battery Tray
ARB 50L Fridge
Scanguage II
Apple Ipad Mini
Ram Ipad mini XGrip mount

Recovery Gear:
ARB Tree Saver Strap
ARB Snatch Strapo
Harbor Freight Static Strap

Onboard ARB compressor

Future Mods

4inch BDS lift
Black bead locks
Total chaos upper control arms
Lower ball joints with zerk fittings
Red polyurethane grease able lower control arm bushings
Atlas rear leaf springs
Grease able Poly bushing on rear

Air intake system
Cam Phaser Rebuild/ Engine Rebuild
cam phaser lock outs fully advanced
High flow cats
True dual single side exhaust flat black
Long tube Headers

two optima batteries Yellow 34D
National luna battery kit

Diff seals
Diff service kits
ARB Lockers Front: RD82
Rear :RD150

seats fix
steering wheel fix
all replace all rubber door and window seals

Besttop SuperTop for Trucks
Lower tent adaptors

LED headlights
New headlight and taillight globes

Nice brake pads
Nice e brake pads
Flush brake system
Trans cooler with fan
CV axels
New motor and trany mounts
Windshield wipers
inner tie rod ends
Waterproof containers for gear
Underhood mat
new cb set up
Bed lights

(Day after I brought her home)


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That's what I was afraid of I already tried to order them once and was turned down. Does anyone know where to still find them or any other good looking headlight ideas?

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Hey Trailshaman, nice F150 build. I personally wouldn't buy a "projector" headlight from ebay. Save your money and get a professional HID retrofit. I have a 2009 with retrofit headlights (FX-R 3.0 Projectors, Morimoto D2S (50w)
and Morimoto 5five.SS ballasts). My headlights blow 90% of all OEM HIDs out of the water. The cutoff is clean, the width of the beam is a HUGE improvement and the distance is unreal. I have yet to get a flash from oncoming traffic. My buddy and I both purchased a set of "projector" headlights for our trucks off of ebay and we both ended up selling them because the light output was pretty bad. Worse than OEM. Trust me, do it right the first time. I have been down this road. I've had my retrofits for over two years now without a problem.

Good luck on your build. Keep us updated. :smiley_drive:


I was glad to see your Kukenam and bed rack as I just placed an order for a Kukenam Ruggedized that will live on the back of my Raptor. I have been trying to find a fabricator locally to build me a custom bed rack that ties into the bed bolts to prevent the bed sides from being pushed outward; my back up plan is a Thule Xsporter. Really like the look of your Front Runner rack but man, they are not cheap! I can get the Thule locally for $750 so it looks like that'll be how I go if I don't find a fabricator.


Truck looks great, I like what you have done so far. The flush mounts, is that what I see on the back bumper? If so do you have anymore pics of that? I am doing something similar with a set of Gen right LEDs that I picked up.


I used two rigid dually floods for the flush mount in the rear bumper

Then added it to my switch panel

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up dated pic from today.

I have a new custom fair lead for the winch being made by southeast overland to go with the new synthetic line and thimble

I also decided that I wanted to be able to not only lock my axles with a switch I wanted to disconnect the sway bar as well. I figure I can fab up one from other cars parts. Otherwise does anyone know if this has been done before or another aftermarket way to do it.

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