Best DIY bedliner?


I will second or third or fourth for the Monsta! I have used it 3 times and will be using it again this week. Great product, I didnt even go crazy with the prep, pressure wash, degrease, maybe rough it up with a pad, remove dust and roll it! Take your time rolling and make sure not to use a roller for too long as it will begin to break down and leave chunks in the paint. If you buy a kit, buy a few extra rollers.

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Yep, I monstalined my truck and love it.

Make sure you get more than you need (I didn't and didn't have enough for a second coat.

Also, buy EXTRA,EXTRA rollers As you roll, the paint thickens and rips the foam apart. You'll want to have new foam on hand to switch out

Ducky's Dad

You have to scuff your paint, and then degrease.
You should clean and degrease BEFORE you scuff the paint. Otherwise, you just drive crud into the paint surface and it's harder to clean it for paint. After cleaning and scuffing, clean it again.


Has anybody that has used Monstaliner applied it with a smooth roller instead of the textured roller they normally supply with the kit? I'm thinking of using it on my travel trailer that has a textured aluminum surface similar to what the Monstaliner looks like when its applied to a smooth surface.


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I've used both Herculiner and Durabak, and I'd agree they are about the same. I used the white Durabak about 15 years ago, and it has yellowed slightly with age (not a sun-exposed location), so I'd recommend the darker colors, or at least not white.