Best ground tent under $500 for 2 kids and 2 adults


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6 person big Agnes with the built in glo LED strips is a big hit with my kids. Not sure why those lights are so much better than a lantern but the whining disappeared.

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I have an REI Kingdom 6 w/garage as well and it’s been great for our family of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. It’s relatively light, well thought out , and has a ton of space but I’d be tempted by a Gazelle for ease of use if I was buying today.
Dont know if your still looking, but slumberjack has the overland 8 on sale for $119.00 . 2 room sleeps 8. With a divide in the middle. And lifetime warranty.
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I have had good luck wit the Coleman 10 X10 instant tent. It goes up very quickly. The only downside is the rain fly is not large enough to direct heavy rain away from the windows. I remedied that, by running a large blue tarp over the tent and guying it out.

We were up on the Hole in Rock Rd a couple of weeks ago and we got poured on and then snow followed with hail. We were nice and dry. The added benefit is the tarp helps keep in the heat.
It might seem like a PIA to set up the tarp but not really.
The Coleman tent is about $112.00 on Amazon so it is almost disposable and worth the extra effort of tarping when bad weather is expected.
Another benefit of the Coleman tent is it is not 5 or 6 feet long like the Gazelle or other tents .