Best interior layout? FWC Grandby


Which interior layout will work best for 2 adults and 55lb dog? Don’t want to be tripping each other up and step on the dog.


Which interior layout will work best for 2 adults and 55lb dog? Don’t want to be tripping each other up and step on the dog.
We have the side rollover couch and that works out great for us.

However, our 65lb dog sleeps in the truck and lives outside otherwise. He doesn't seem to be comfortable in the Granby due to his size.


Well I have a Hawk and we have two dogs (55 pound and 75 pound) and the front dinette model works perfectly for us. The dogs have more than enough room to sleep on the dinette bed. They stay there when we are sleeping, or in our bed wstchung a movie. If we need the dinette to eat at, then the dogs go up on our bed.
We did a 3 week 8500km road trip this past summer and we had no issues at all working it this way.

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I'm curious about this question as well.

it would be a slide in Grandby, for what it is worth.

with our previous travel trailers...
we almost always leave the beds made up as beds, and just sit on the edge of a bed if we want to sit and have a quick meal indoors.

2 adults and one tween rapidly growing child.


The front dinette: the only layout that offers the indoor shower that would be nice to have. However having our child sleeping below us would make it a little hard to get in and out of bed if they were sleeping.

Roll Over Sofa - on the side - has the most storage space below, but also the narrowest aisle, and no way to easily sit at a table, look out the window...

side dinette... we would rarely use the side dinette.... has the least amount of storage (?)


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Which interior layout will work best for 2 adults and 55lb dog? Don’t want to be tripping each other up and step on the dog.
The Grandby offers enough space that any interior layout will be very comfortable for 2 adults and a dog. The side dinette is cramped in the Fleet but works great for 2 adults in a Grandby. The Front Dinette works great as well and turns into a nice bed for stealth camping.

The roll over sofa is my favorite configuration since I have a few kiddos and need as much sleeping area as possible. Just personal preference I guess.
The rollover couch is a space killer in any camper. Feet and dogs are always in the way. The table blocks the aisle as well. Rolled over, there is essentially no aisle. We prefer the side dinette, but things can be tight. Two dogs (80#, 60#).

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We have a side dinette Hawk for the two of us and occasionally our dog. The dog sleeps on the floor under the dinette table. On cold nights when we retire to the camper before bed time and listen to a podcast or something, my wife relaxes in the bed and I sit at the rear seat of the dinette, and can put my feet up on the settee if I want, with the dog at my feet. The dog takes up most of the space there.

You are always going to make compromises with any camper. Sometimes I think the front dinette would be more comfortable for dining, but we usually eat outside. The main reason I really like the side dinette of all the options is that I am usually up a lot earlier than my wife, like an hour before sunrise. With the side dinette, I can get up and make coffee, then sit at the rear seat of the dinette without having to push in the bed slider. One bad thing about the layout is that the bed slider needs to be pushed in about 2 inches in order for the glass top sink lid to be up. So our bed is never fully extended because I need the sink to get water for coffee in the morning. It has little impact on the bedding, the edge of the mattress extensions just sits up on the edge of the bed slider a little bit. I would happily have either 2 inches more camper overhang, or shorter mattresses to avoid this. I would hope the Granby would not have this issue. The other nice thing about the side dinette is the usable side window. The windows in the front dinette models are just about useless. Also, the way the table moves around gives a lot of flexibility for various situations. One person can sit at the dinette while the other cooks easily. Or one person can be using the sink and with the table pushed out of the way, the other person can easily get by them or even change clothes.

I hope one day. FWC adds some adjustability to the dinette seats. I have had lower back issues for many years, something about a herniated disk or some nonsense. Its not painful, just occasionally uncomfortable. I tend to like seats that recline a lot. The FWC dinette seat only has one setting, which does have a bit of "reclination", but it would be nice if there was some adjustment like a car seat.

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