Best mail order MB (not a Mog) parts

Hi guys, do you have any favorite mail order places (likely in Europe as long as they ship to the USA)? I just removed the rear spring packs and found one of the smaller leafs cracked.
I'll call Terry and see. I'll also try calling a local truck spring place but this is my first large truck and the leaf springs are not what I am used to with a smaller truck. These have a dimpled ridge and are tapered a bit so I was unsure if this large truck kind of thing or a Mercedes kind of thing.
Check with your local MB dealer. They should be able to pull any part for you.
Ha! you can't get Mercedes heavy truck parts from Canadian Mercedes dealerships, they do not have access to the database, or any interest in trying.
Pacific power group can get Mercedes parts. Rob at Terry Lee is also very helpful. Hans at can also get MB truck parts.(not just Unimog).
That's interesting. I was just at my dealer (Three Point Motors in Victoria). He ran a Vin# for a 1017 without issues. Maybe it has something to do with the person behind the counter LOL

In any case, Rob at Terry Lee would be my recommendation too.