Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear


I've been using Craghopper Shirts for both Motorcycling and recreational and never let me down.
Craghoppers adventure 2 shirts are fantastic!
No question - Craghoppers are the best (at least for what we want). I've used everything under the sun, from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Australia, South Africa, Argentina..., for decades, and have settled on Craghoppers - fast drying, comfortable, breathe, mosquito repellent, you name it. For our last two big trips (a total of 19 months) we wore two each (wear, wash, swap) daily for ten months. Absolutely the best.


Checked out Akubra hats. Brim is too small, 3.25 inches just doesn't cut it. Looking for at least 5 inches in the brim, in a felt hat.