Beyond awsome GS

Anything with more than two wheels is not a motorcycle. Loading a bike with all that gear takes all the fun from riding. He would be better off with a Corvette pulling a 30 foot camper.
Motorcyclist should travel light and fast.
Way too much crap, the beauty of traveling on a moto is light and fast, not slow and heavy. I'd rather drive a 4x4 than ride that.

Maximus Ram

Expedition Leader
I LIKE it...:wings:
Looks like he takes a passenger , so has enough room and comfort for them. Still has the wind in his face and the sun at his back. Can go off the beaten path. Yes, I like it.:victory:
Hey...if it works for them...good on them!
I would be curious to see how many miles are on it and some details on it.:coffee:
That GS must be bullet proof.
Great! :bike_rider: That's really cool. I'll bet that rig and riders have got some good stories to tell. I'd love to cross paths with them one day. I suspect that is not very likely because they appear to be out seeing the world where as I am seeing a 17" LCD monitor. I do admire a true adventurer.