BFG T/A KO2 vs Cooper STT PRO?

Hey guys. I just picked up a new rig (1995 Isuzu Trooper) I am going to be building up. My first stop is tires. Looking for a great all-round AT tire in 285/75R16. All my research brings me to BFG T/A KO2s and Cooper STT PROs as the top picks. I am running BFG T/A KO2 on my daily-driven truck and have been super impressed. But I was hoping with this rig to go a bit crazier with the tire and try something new, which pushes me toward the STT PROs. I wonder, though; are they worth the extra $$ over the BFGs?
I have the BFG KO2s and without knowing more about the other tire, I wouldnt switch. But, it does well for me may not be what you want/need.


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I'm on my second set of BFG AT in that size on my 2000 Trooper and i'm very happy with them. Never had Coopers, so no idea how they compare though.
I have run BFG AT on many different trucks and never had an issue. Recently (about 3 years ago) I found Falkens Wild Peak AT (Rocky Mountain if you are buying from discounttire) that I put on my Dodge Ram. Perform similar to BFGs, look good and are not as expensive as BFG. Most likely my next set for Trooper will be Falkens, but I have ways to go.
If you are looking at those two tires, you should also consider the Toyo AT2

Hands down the best tire I've ever had on a vehicle.


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I've used both BFG mud terrains and all terrains on a few different vehicles and have always been very happy. They wear well... I seem to get a lot of miles out of them... and their performance never has let me down. I used mud terrains on a very modified Jeep XJ (Cherokee) and they were outstanding tires. Not difficult to balance, they held up well and I was very pleased. I've had all terrains on both a full sized Blazer K5 diesel 4x4, a K2500 Suburban diesel 4x4 and now I have a set on my 2005 Ram 3500 diesel 4x4. My dodge ram weighs nearly 8000lbs with a full tank of fuel and I just rolled over 40K miles - that's a lot for these heavy rigs. ON my original set of BFG AT's I got over 60K miles on them on my Jeep before putting them on my dad's Jeep... he got nearly another 20K on them! There are a lot of good tires out there so if you go with any of the popular brands (Toyo, Nitto, BFG, Goodyear) you're going to be happy. Your Izuzu doesn't weigh much (I had an old '84 or '85 model once, hehehe) so you're going to get some good miles out of any tire you choose. I can just say that I've been very impressed with the BFG's and I'll be buying more that's for sure.
I've been running the Falken AT WP something something something for about seven thousand miles and I am very very happy with them.
I switched to the General Tire Grabber x3 and am extremely happy. They are much more aggressive than a regular AT and they have absolutely gripped in every terrain we have put them, plus they are not loud on the road. Thickest sidewall on the market. I think they also recently introduced the AT3 which is a more traditional AT tire.
I've had both tires on my Tundra and I can say for sure the STT PROs are definitely a mud terrain tire and have the noise and rougher on-road ride that would be associated with a MT. I ran them for 12,000 miles and as MT tires typically do, they got louder and rougher more miles I put on my truck. By that 12,000 mile mark, about half the tread was gone, so I estimated I would get about 24,000 miles out of them. This is with regular rotations done at no more than 3,500 miles. The price on them was nice - much less than Toyo MTs I've ran before, but I was also much happier with the Toyo MTs than the STT PROs. I also got about 35,000 miles out of the Toyos.

At that point, I wanted out and sold them to help purchase the BFG KO2s I am currently running. I am totally pleased with these tires - smooth, quiet ride and plenty of traction for everything I have needed. That being said, they are way less aggressive than the STT PROs, so I would have to assume that in some heavy mud, the STT PROs would do better than the KO2s. I currently have about 12,000 miles on the KO2s and I estimate I will get 50,000 miles out of them at the current rate of wear and with rotations only at my oil change interval of 5,000 miles.

To sum it up, the STT PROs are a great, aggressive tire at a nice price, but if I had the cash, I would do the Toyo MTs if I needed a tire that aggressive. But for my current needs (and probably 70-90% of most people), being realistic, the BFG KO2s are where it's at and the price on the BFGs was less than the STT PROs. Of course this is all just my personal opinion so take it for what it's worth.
Hi all,

The Cooper Discovery AT3 would be a more direct comparison to the BF Goodrich KO AT. The STT Pros are a mud-type tread tire.

Having run the Cooper AT3 tires for about 21 months now, I can say they work as well, probably better than the BFG KO AT tires I've run in the past.


I went up the middle with some ST Maxx's. A bit less expensive than either the BFG or the STT Pro's, and in the middle between an AT and a MT. I also changed from 285/75R16's to 255/85R16's. Same height, but about 1" less tread width, which is working out much better for my light weight Jeep. I'd suggest that size as a great fit for your Troopy too, and they'll fit the stock 16" wheels just fine, which is how I prefer to roll these days!
I would run anything over the BFG, strongly consider falken wildpeak.
I have been happy with my wildpeaks. I had looked into BFGs in the past and found them to be overpriced and mixed reviews. Years ago I would see more BFGS on the trail then. I do run a BFG MT as a spare, 33x9.5. It' lack of sidewall makes it light and won'I stress the tailgate on my Jeep. I know years ago BFGs had week side walls, Not sure it that is still an issue. BFG ATs did have a good reputation for lasting many miles.


I've run both and I feel somewhat torn. The BFG AT KO2 is well known as one of the best and most liked AT tires out there. That said, they balance like crap, have weak side walls, and wear funny. I think there's definitely a place for the BFG AT in the market, but I've all but sworn off BFG tires due to the reasons I listed. I ran the Cooper STT Pros on my last Super Duty in a 35x12.50R20. The are not quite a full on MT, but they are definitely more aggressive than a true crossover like the Toyo RT and Nitto Ridge Grappler. I sold my truck with 21,000 miles on the tires with regular rotations and I felt like they would have gone another 15,000 miles and this was on a 8,000lb truck. Exceptional performance in sticky clay based mud and caliche, and no worse than any other MT in the rain or on the road. They grew progressively louder over time and I noticed a slight degradation in handling as well, but that's somewhat to be expected for this type of tire. I think the price on them is extremely competitive when compared to the likes of Toyo, Nitto, Goodyear, BFG, etc.

If forced to pick between these two my vote would go to the Coopers, especially since you noted that you wanted to run something a little more aggressive. Good luck in your decision!
Funny, I swore off the BFGs for the same reason years ago......

That said, I've had these KO2s for 2 years, and I'm very happy so far. No, it doesn't get driven daily, but. It does get driven.
Mud..... hahaha... I avoid the stuff anyway...

snow, ice, sand(beach), most surfaces... balanced no, problem, but ,our at all, and no sidewall issues so far.


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