Big Bend - Summer and Solo 2015

Just stumbled upon this post... A couple of years ago, I went on my first solo, multi-night hiking trip in Big Bend. It was a life changing experience! Have been alternating trips to Big Bend and Guadalupe Peak ever since. Am fortunate to live in Midland, so both are relatively accessible by me. Would love to meet some of the forum members if they make the trip out here to see these two AWESOME National Parks that no one else seems to know about.
No. Have stayed in Lajitas and what use to be the Lajitas Hunt Club several times and have ridden motorcycles up and down the road between there and Presido numerous more times... Never gone to Big Bend State Park. :-( It's on my todo list though.
How did i miss this? Looked like a fantastic trip. Born and raised in Texas, but have never made it to Big Bend. Adding to my list of to-do's.
Yeah, not an option.

I hit Rudy's for my road food Brisket Egg and Cheese tacos for the week. Grabbed a 1/2 pound of moist......

I stopped by Hard 8 in Stephenville....wasn't hungry but I plucked a Phat quail off the grill and munched on it.

Ricardo's in Brownwood for some tortillas

Corner Store in San Angelo for more tacos.

Mingo's Burritos in Ft Stockton

The list goes on. I don't waste meals on the road nor do I eat a lot in one sitting. Gotta eat lots of good food on a roadtrip.
Hey that's where I'm from, stephenville Texas. Small world. Awesome trip report.

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Hi wngrog, You mentioned a guide book, would you mind posting the one you use? I've been thinking of hitting up BB for a while now, from the Coast of MS actually.

Great write up!


Curious Wanderer
Wicked nice retelling of your time in Big Bend, my favorite place on the planet. I thoroughly enjoyed your story and images, bits of trivia and facts, and a few roads new to me. The drone footage helped cap it all off.

I'm thinking seriously about purchasing land down that way, maybe in nearby Marathon, with tentative plans on opening it up for overnight use to fellow overlanders, occasional off-grid/off-road workshops, weeks just for Father/kids, etc. Been researching property well over a year and hope to go check out a few this fall. I will be sure to let you know if end up with a spot down there; love to run across you sometime for beer, brisket, and burritos.