Big custom camper sightings

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No, that's the owner siting down waiting for the glass tech guy to repair on a rock chip on the windshield of his Unimog.

Ha ha ha super. We have friends travelling in Expo Trucks and they tell us all the time that people climb up to look inside. Scratching the truck in the process.
Unimog from BC visiting Yukon, Canada

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While we were out, we seen another Unimog today; this one has BC licence plates visiting Yukon, Canada.

Unimog_from_BC (2).jpg Unimog_from_BC (4).jpg
Unimog_from_BC (6).jpg Unimog_from_BC (7).jpg
Unimog_from_BC (9).jpg Unimog_from_BC (11).jpg
Unimog_from_BC (13).jpg

We thought we would share the photos with all of you.
International Workstar UXV-Max from a Distance

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While we were out this morning for Canada Day celebration events, my wife was able to take two photos from a distance of a International Workstar UXV-Max that is visiting Yukon, Canada.
If we see it again in town, we will try to get a few photos closer up.

International_Workstar_UXV-Max_from_a_Distance (2).jpg International_Workstar_UXV-Max_from_a_Distance (3).jpg

We thought we would share the photos with all of you.
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i m wondering what model is this??? i never seen a f350 front end use on that class C body. it s always with a E350. who made that one? is this a one of?
Tiger makes something similar.
the difference is.... the box and over cab is a commercial normal Class c Thor four wind that is usually attach to a E350 but instead was put on a F350. Wondering if someone did this conversion themself or if thor did a one off...

either way...look amazing vs the regular commercial unit
My first post after 10 months of membership... not to mention lurking prior to that for quite a while.

We met this couple while on a road-trip two weeks ago in Cape Breton, NS. Super nice people from Switzerland (no points for guessing how I knew that), and the husband was more than happy to come out and tell me all about their truck. I honestly could have stayed and asked questions for way longer than I did. They were in the final few days of a 4 year tour of the Americas.

Talk about "goals"! :bowdown:
We were at Cape Canaveral for the Falcon Heavy launch (amazing!) and saw this Unicat (?)

Interesting graphic on the side. But I really liked the monster ATV mounted above the spare tires!
What do owners of vehicles like this do when they need engine maintenance that requires cab removal? Including Earthroamers.
I don’t quite understand the question. Earthroamers have a hood that lifts up. It’s a Ford F-550. No “cab removal”. The larger European trucks have a tilting cab for maintenance.