Big Dreams, Small Budget: My M101-A1


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I've been an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, and camper all my life.
I went from sleeping in tents/sleeping on the open ground in Boy Scouts to sleeping under my tonneau cover in the bed of my truck on a futon mattress (trust me, its waaay more comfortable than it seems)... so a expedition trailer seemed like a natural evolution (PLUS, I have 3 beautiful young ones and I have to bring the entire house with me when we camp.
With all of that said and being a single income household, $$$ is tight.
Found this guy online and the owner was willing to trade me for a rifle straight across. Deal done, I drove her home and couldn't be happier (the kids couldn't be either).
Iv'e been trolling EP for sometime now through the R&D phases and have found some great info here (thanks guys!). Without further ado...
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Just pulled all of the 24V wiring, wired up the 12V LED Lights (dont worry, I cleaned them up and covered them in a wire sheath). Hopefully they'll pass CA DMV muster!



Congrats! It's an addiction so be careful! haha!

When I titled/registered mine at the DMV, the inspector didn't even check to see if the lights worked!

Looking forward to your build!


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DMV was easy :wings: !
Im always dreading going to the DMV.
Had to go through their verification guy, pay the fees (I had all of the ppw filled out prior to arriving), and VIN/Plate were issued. In and out in an hour!
Next up is body and paint & some home-brew rear stabilizers


Nice. Just bought an A2 in Jan/Feb. We have 1 trip so far. I am building a telescoping rack right now. Have an adequate homemade one that works.

You even have the right

Good luck with it.


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Been looking at getting a M101 trailer myself. Cannot find any in canada for cheap that is. The Canadian M101 is even worse they are unicorns :). Will watch this. Cheers


Nice trailer! I'm working on an A3 build right now, trying to keep it "budget", but then I get on the internet and buy stuff... I like the ladder rack idea, I probably want something a little shorter though.