Big Green Camper spotted, MB truck?

On Saturday I was working at the Cherohala Challenge bike ride on the Tail of the Dragon, highway 129, at the East Tennessee and North Carolina border. A big light green camper came through and tooted at me. By the time I turned around I could only see a forward cab-over truck with nice big camper box. Might have been a Steyr or MB1017 chassis.

No picture, with only a few seconds to look at it. Nice looking outfit! Are you on here? Anyone know who that might have been?

I was in my LMTV with Alaskan camper.

Well, I don't remember why I signed up on this board, but it seems to be time to use this account...

SCHNECKERL is German, more or less. It's a diminutiv form of "Schnecke" in bavarian dialect. Schnecke means Snail, Schneckerl something like little snail or cute snail...

They do have a homepage:
Thank you Chicky! That is certainly the truck. "Snail" would be a great name for such a vehicle in the mountains :-D

I misspelled the name Scheckerl when I took notes.