Bigger tires...go faster?


Some time ago I saw pictures of a Gearvendors planetary overdrive attached to a ’Mog clutchcover. Those ’pics a probably still online somewhere.

Back when I had a couple wrecked U1100 to play with, I pissed around the idea modifing the rear torquetube to fit overdrive.
Basically cutting a section out & adding 150kg lump on the torquetube near the backaxlel what contained Gearvendors OD box.
I think its feasable, albeit a good bit of machine work and a good deal extra axel mass.


It is not a easy solution , by my point of view, we were looking before we bought the overdrive for a diferent solution to fit on the unimog , I found many aftermarket gear boxes , to use underdrive and overdrive but....the engine and the gear box are not alined, so as much you reduce the distance whit a intermediate gearbox you increase the angle betwen them, and this is not nice, thats why the claas over is maybe one of the BEST solution, It is on the limit about size to be not a vibration problem....for another Mercedes truck would be more easy, because there is more room to locate the overdrive, but not on the unimog, the BEST way for me is to fit the working group gear and the over...but It is f ...expensive...finally I use more the over than the claas overdrve was the way.
Werner also build one dedicated overdrive for the old mogs, but It is no way to find one used