Biggest team to take to Cape Lookout yet

Ever since going out to Cape Lookout for the first time three years ago I have been returning twice a year and bringing my friends.


A couple weeks ago we had the biggest group of guys out there yet for us, seven trucks and a hand built sailboat.


Though the weather going into the trip seemed pretty questionable, it turned out to be three perfect days on the island. The duel highlights were fresh caught red drum cooked over the fire, and a pile of wings, fries, and onion rings done right in a big propane deep fat fryer. An awesome time was had by all!


Here is the video!

Further confirmed by this trip... the RTTs are wonderful and comfortable, but for beach camping, have a comfortable setup to sleep in the truck! I have a great system with my 4runner and I had three good nights sleep!


Did the sailboat sail from the mainland? Or did y'all trailer it in?
It sailed over from one of the launches on Harkers Island and moored on the inland side of the island just across from where we were camping. He actually has a pretty cool nylon hoop type tent that he made and sets up on the boat with a cot and kitchen under the cover, so he slept on the boat at night. It was neat having the boat to go explore some of the inlets on the inland side of the island.
Sweet. Man I want to go there. What have you learned maybe about best time of year to go ? Also, pulling a SoCal trailer with 3rd gen runner. Any problem you might see getting the trailer over as well?