Bliss Mobil-Exciting New Expedition Vehicle Company

I bought this LMTV from a civilian. His mods included:

- 3.07 ring and pinion (6.14 final) in each axle
- 330 hp / 860 lb-ft torque computer reprogram
- Electronic cruise control
- Rear axle locking differential

A reader pinged me on my blog with a phone number of someone who installs gears and lockers for the LMTV. PM me if you're interested.
1) GXV, they are all over this forum.
2) The exchange rate is a lot better than it was 11 years ago when I bought my camper from Unicat
3) these types of campers are not top-heavy, there is a lot of chassis weight down low and all the heavy stuff is low in the camper like water, batteries and tool storage; the camper box itself is quite light

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