Blue Bird for gravel travel, sleeps 8

Nice looking build. From the way the pics looked of the APU, it looks like it ate up a lot of your ground clearance, has that been a problem at all?
Not yet. It's the same clearance as the front axle and stout enough to push snow and wet mud with it. Realistically this will see roads in ok shape, at worst. Any trail will be short, slow and careful. Mud will be avoided cause if this gets stuck I'm not sure a 1 ton 4x4 would get it out.

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new guy + questions
Very cool build, serious skill! The break over angle would worry me but if you're staying on decent roads should be manageable

Wish I had your skills I want to cut some of the back off my rig to improve departure angle�� But I think that job is beyond my skill
Took off the pretty chrome mirrors and put the ugly stock ones on. Gained heated glass and better visibility.

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Installed the Planar heater in the start of a kitchen cupboard base over drivers steer tire, hooked up fuel and 12v, need to extend it's exhaust and build the rest of the cupboard around it.

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This pic shows ground clearance for the axle and apu. As it's right under the drivers seat it should be easy to 'feel' where it is while driving.

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We've run the Planar for a couple nights to test it. Coldest we've had is -10c overnight, held an uninsulated bus at 20c without running flat out. Still working on a cupboard to enclose it and the stove top. No word on the main harness for the APU so I'll have to make one. The motor wiring is simple, would be nicer to just plug it in and be done.

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This weekend: sprayed foam under the bus, hooked up Planar heater, installed reflectors, made some interior improvements, pulled out the temporary kitchen for a final build, robbed a gas range and matching sink from an old hippie wagon, replaced the washer pump.
Heater runs great, 26,000 btu holds the bus at 18-20c on low, cycled up to medium when the door is opened, no issues.

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