Blue Ox II


Might as well make a separate thread for this one. I sold the first Blue Ox (86 4Runner) and purchased this one used.

Technical Specs:
2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4
TRD Off Road
6-speed manual
Speedway Blue
SnugTop topper
2" spacer/AAL kit
265/75/16 ProComp Mud Terrains
Line-X on fender flares

When I purchased it, it had a K&N CAI and a Ranch Hand brush guard. I sold those since they have no value or purpose for this build.

Currently, this is how it sits:

I had to go ahead and give it a decal:

I also went ahead and put my RAM mount in for my PN-40.


As of right now, I'm saving up my pennies for an ARB bumper for the front, then hopefully a winch and lights in a few months. We'll see. :D
Nice rig! How long have you had your P.N.40 set up like that? I set mine up the same way and the chord developed a short in about three months.

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I haven't run the cord to it yet. It's been mounted like that less than 2 weeks since that is how long I have had the truck.


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Nice rig! I love the speedway blue, by far my favorite Tacoma color. Looking forward to further updates.


Update: I picked up the ARB Friday night and installed it Saturday morning. The install was very straightforward and easy to do by myself.




Thanks. I have an old Warn/Braden 12K winch (pretty much an M12000) that I am going to put on the bumper. Braden worked with Warn back in the late 80's early 90's, but for this winch, the only thing Braden about it is the name printed along with Warn on the badging.

I know it is overkill, but it is better than buying a brand new winch right now.
Like the bumper, trucks looking great. I've never seen a 1st gen runner evolve like this before haha. Overkill is usually better than underkill, especially when it comes to recovery gear.


True. I still need to find a snatchblock and I should be good for recovery. I have a hi-lift, a couple looooooong straps along with shackles. I also have a set of 4xInnovation sliders that I still need to weld on.


Wow, it's been a while but it's time for an update. My dad is bringing a pair of air tanks from a junked 18 wheeler that will go underneath in place of the spare. For now, I'm just going to plumb it so that I can fill them with my compressor in my garage until I decide to get OBA. The question is, is it worth to have the tanks, or should I just get a QuickAir and not have tanks?

EDIT: I have also been lazy and haven't welded on the sliders. I need to buy some tubing to extend the legs so they will stick out far enough.

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I got my off-road lights on yesterday but still have to wire them to my factory fog light switch.

Pics of the tanks, they measure ~12" OD x 30" L.


greg mgm

Looks really good.

What lights did you install? The lenses on them look like wide angle lights....just what I'm looking for.

As far as the air tanks go...Are you planning to use air guns/ tools while out on trips?