Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper


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There is no real definition to what Overlanding is.

I think you've just answered your own question, where this is the basis of what Overlanding it, but it also differentiates that group by "Off-Roaders" and the bad reputation of people driving recklessly and destroying the environment. I've had an RTT for 9 years, and you could say I've been Overlanding before it was a thing, or even before I knew what it was, and I don't care what it is or isn't, and I don't put myself in any group. I just find groups of like interest to share my experiences and to also learn and get ideas from. You're thread is great and I'm sure inspired many people. That's all that counts, and all that should count.

I really need to start using Instagram more...
Thanks for your thoughts. I feel we would agree on things around a campfire which is always a good thing. The culture shift is apparent now when you find yourself amongst a large group of "overland" is all about tires, lockers, lifts and all the over the top camping gear. Maybe I was missing this all along and have only just come to the epiphany, but 4 wheeling basically has a bad name out in the world due to land abuse. All those folks have migrated, and now "Overlanding" has the same negative connotations, at least with land owners in the Northeast. I'm not a user and abuser, so being associated with any of that doesn't work for me anymore. If I can't tread lightly, than I won't tread at all.

spencyg said:
Thanks for your thoughts. I feel we would agree on things around a campfire which is always a good thing.
We're not that far apart. Maybe one day we'll cross paths. If you ever plan to come close to your northern border with Quebec/Canada, shoot me a message.
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Recently purchased a '90 Airstream B190, it is not a "Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper", but I love her, lol. Your work is inspiring, keep it up.
building a 4x4 van boomer type

i been following boomer he has inspired me to build a van staring in June 2018 i will build a 4x4 camper/work van (the ultimate work van) using all boomer modifications, full camping capability,stove,microwave, sink,toilet,bed,water,110 power,heating and use it for a work van with a 4x8 clear section inside for hauling motorcycles, ATV,plywood,tools boxes,etc., i have a 88 E350 diesel ford van ambulance (not the box type) i been collecting camper, accessories parts from wrecking yards for a year. i have a donor quadravan 4x4 for parts. will follow boomer in 2018 for ideals, i will start a tread on my build in June.