Box Of Rain - 98 Rav4


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Just turned 117K miles. Had the timing belt / water pump done at 110K - wasn't sure of the last time it was done, but the valve cover area started to leak and I figured it was time. Running great now.

Put an external thermometer in, ran the sensor through the floor, works great when parked, I've yet to find a spot that doesn't pick up engine heat or road heat or something once moving. Replaced the switch blanks with some switches I got on ebay, haven't hooked up anyhing to them yet.

Made a parcel shelf from 4'x2' x 1/2" plywood covered in a 3x4 carpet. Had to trim the plywood to 47" x 22" but otherwise it was easy. Added some tie-downs to the shelf and the floor.



Great setup! I love the configurations of these, with the tumble rear seats and side-opening back door. If I ever get something different, I'll be seriously considering one, but probably a 2nd-gen so it has a timing chain and vvti.


Never thought I would say this , but this little Rav 4 changed my mind.
For the last 7 years this has been my wifes main personal ride ( and mine when I am in Tanzania)
AWD, and have taken it so many places over there that you'd never believe that it would make it.
She's selling it now that she'll be coming over here to live , in a way wish we could bring it over

TO THE OP, great build been following off and on


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A few updates at 127,000 miles

Added a Bull Bar up front. It's a cheapie (Blackhorse) and looks ok, wanted it more as a spot to mount some lights and tie off my kayak than anything. It was a bear to install, bracket holes were off about 1/8" and needed to be slotted further to allow it to fit. Also made some more improvments to the parcel shelf, Paper towel bar and some tie downs. Found an old craftsman tool box at a yard sale for $5 and put it to use. Just finished putting in new plugs and air filter, plugs had about 25K miles on them, look pretty good. Going to add a CB and some lights this summer, and some more agressive rubber before winter (General Grabbers I think), and paint the wheels black.



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I love the small Ute builds. The Rav, CRV, patriot etc are awesome platforms to build adventure rigs from....great on gas, small size, can go most places that would be travelled, and get there very comfortably.


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Hello from Italy! I've buyed my first awd and choosen a 5 door RAV4 first gen as yours; i'm very happy with her... Just to remember that in RAV 4.1 you can sleep with front and rear seat flattened, best with air mattress to make surface more plain. It works in 3 doors also.


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Rocky Road Outfitters has lifts etc for the Rav 2 and 4 doors as well. I think they are OME products.

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