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CB Install

Firestick 3 foot antenna and mounting bracket (ss-174). Piece of cake to mount. Uniden 510 radio. I thought about mounting it in the console but this was easier (and I am left handed. Ran the fire-ring coax along the door opening, no holes were drilled. Came out pretty tidy.

Pulled the Curt rack off as it was looking pretty beat. Replaced the screws, which were rusting, with stainless, and drilled out two of the rusty internal nuts and through bolted them. Drilled some drainage holes too. Painted it with bedliner paint, looks much better. Replaced the mounting hardware. which also rusted, with 2" exhaust clamps. Works great. Sits about an inch lower too, which is good. Need to flip them over so theu don't poke up into my pelican cases when I store them up top

Bought some black wheel paint, that comes next. And an AC recharge, bought the kit, need to figure it out. Bought a replacement horn as mine is pretty much dead - it's really tucked away so I haven't done that install yet.


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Once you get the AT tires on let us know about mpg etc. I always wonder if these little utes suffer more mpg from the addition of such things as tires, roof racks, weight etc. as their larger brethren.

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I put 235/65/17 kumho at51 p series at tires on my patriot. No noticeable loss on mileage really. Need the computer reprogrammed for the larger diameter.

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