Break plate bent on 2006 TJ


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Break plate bent on 2006 TJ I have break pads on rear of Tj and the passenger break plate bent very bad and pulled rear pad in to drum and bound up. Anyone ever have this problem? ? Not sure what caused this, unless emergency break was on and then put in gear. Have driven a few times with emergency break on and quickly realized and released it without any problems.



The two times I've seen bent break backing plates the reason was different each time.

1. Broken c-clip D35 axle came out on road and let the vehicle weight hit the backing plate and bend it. (obviously not what happened in your case)

2. Driver left the emergency brake on after trying to use the e-brake to gain traction on a muddy trail. Not sure if it bent while on trail or on trip home. When driver got to my shop, though, it was toast...