I'm really excited for the Bronco. If my wife likes the styling, it could land in our driveway one day, maybe. She is drawn to the Wrangler Sahara, but has no interest in off roading. The Bronco has the potential to deliver the fun spirit of the Wrangler, while trading rock crawling capability for more civilized on road manners.


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A Ford truck dealer friend of mine just got back from a Ford trip and saw the "supposed" production Bronco. No pics as all cell phones were collected. He like what he saw and said much better than he expected. Removable doors, Removable roof, different engine options, heavy emphasis on offroad capability and more square styling were the norm. Certainly aiming for the Jeep segment of the market.


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at the rate they are going we will actually see a new Bronco on the showroom floor in about 2035. Most of us who they would be targeting will be no longer able to drive let alone offroad.
I'm ready for it to be unveiled. Haven't been thrilled with any of the renderings, but I really liked the side profile view "under the tarp" that Ford released about a year ago. Im just afraid I'm going to be as horribly disappointed as I was with the new defender, lol.

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I like the pictured body just put a 5.0 in it..Sorry not a fan of the new age lawnmower engines..