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My criteria at the time was 4-season capability, economical to travel with and I could sleep overnight in stealth mode, so I ended up with a 2001 Subaru Outback.
As we all know the 4-season capability from Subaru

I wanted the capability of transfering the vehicle for different task. The first thing I noticed was all of the wasted space taken up by the back seat.

Look at the amount of storage room that was created.

I use small soft sided bags picked up at the local Thrift Store to seperate all my gear

This is the sleeping platform I made from stuff laying around the house

The frame was made from a 2"x4" and the plywood is hinged to gain access. The platform is suspended using paracord and carabineers which click into existing seat latch

another shot of the frame

Bed consist of two 20' wide x 1" Thermarest topped with eggcrate foam and our old sleeping bags when we were kids.

I added 20% transparent tint to conceal the interior and keep the temps lower. I also added rainguards to crack the windows for fresh air in stealth
mode. I have more photos to upload for bug screening, insulated window blinds for wintercamping, my micro kitchen set, bathroom solutions, stay tuned


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That's a sleeper alright. *pun unintended* The suby blends in easily with other cars.

Nice sleeping platform set up. Looks like you get quite a bit of storage area underneath the sleeping platform.

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I've always had a love for the Suby wagons. Dont remember where I got this photo as it was just some concept photo for a Volvo XD70 Concept, but I saw this years ago and have kept it saved all this time.

It could be something to keep to get ideas off of for the Subaru if you're thinking about making it more off-road worthy??



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Very nice! I'm contemplating a similar mod for my '99 4Runner.

I love the idea of doing "more with less." Less money spent on mods + more economical vehicle = more $$ left over to travel with!


I've seen several posts on bug netting. I purchased a roll of no see-um from Home Depot and made screens for all four windows. I have 4 velcro circles permately atteched to the inside of the door and on both side of the screens so I don't have to bother with left and right sides

When I am parked overnight where I feel comfortable I will use this $3 jungle hammock netting. Just drape over the hatchback.


Looks like I only have pictures of the front privacy screen, it is a Dollar Store sun screen with a little modification.

the others are made of foiled bubble wrap, I'll post som photos soon.

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There are lift kits for the subi's. You should look into that and see what they cost. It would be really nice to have a bit of a lift for it.

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Looks good and I like your bug screens.

It is amazing how much roo there is with the back seat out. I made a similar shelf in the back of my H3 for camping and hauling stuff.

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Man, I have been kicking around a similar idea for years... I love it!


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Thank you for the replies. I have no intention of lifting the Subaru because I haven't felt a need to. I have this when the going gets tough:

I've been holding out for a used 8' Fiberglass non-cabover Alaskan, so I've just been using the Subie