Buff4lo upgrade

Hi, bought this little guy last weekend, iv been searching for a unit like this for a decent price for two years and now I’m ready for a full build.

First on the list is pressurized water storage, 12v deep cycle, 2000w inverter with solar charger, 100w solar panel, roof rack, RTT, propane and everything iv forgot your that you can remind me I need.

Thanks for any comments, I’ll be posting pictures has I get my parts and install them thank you in advance for being patient with the new guy! Dan.


More parts came in to day!

Does anyone know where to get a screen/ filter for the inlet hose in my water storage jug. I don’t want to clog the pump. E7806BB0-3C6E-46D7-9B33-7B10BC7EC5BD.jpeg
Well Finding time for my build has become difficult Too many irons in the fire I guess but I have found time to use it

Hate to say this but it’s getting to the point where I am not comfortable putting any more money into it and not being able to see a return LOL, I’m still going to do it anyway.

I got the propane tank mounted on and I’m in the middle of building a side mounted table with a small sink it’s not the prettiest but it will work well.

i’ve decided on a rooftop tent I’ll be going with the tough stuff Ranger if anybody has any pros or cons I’d love to hear them I’ll be ordering it from Amazon hopefully the shipping won’t be a nightmare


Finally finished the rack, I ended up using 1x1 for the top rails and 1x2 for the uprights. By far this was the toughest part of the project so far.

The table/sink went smooth, for now I’m using a 12” stainless bowl I found.. Im still searching for the perfect size sink without faucet provisions. The plan is to use a 5’ flexzilla hose and shower head that can be used for cleaning or hosing of the mud, hoping it won’t look to bad but I need every aspect of water delivery I can squeeze in without failures or moving parts.

Iv changed my mind on the ranger RTT. I’m looking at Pope Overland Expedtions chugach RTT, they’re local and offer a good warranty. The quality stands with all the similar tents iv seen in person and the price is right.

Any suggestion on RTTs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 63332089-575B-4721-AE41-0551337DCE17.jpeg 0591A1AF-D275-4028-9F9B-67E128F674D7.jpeg A033EB15-0D57-4DA1-9B0E-E5921646939A.jpeg 14F5B460-80D9-426A-A6BC-5AEBE07C2106.jpeg 12AEA326-CE91-4177-AF1E-35CF75AAB03A.jpeg
7DB56C4A-6D87-4E6A-BAEB-C17F61E3C4B2.jpeg 067AF09B-7D4E-47A5-BC30-DE4FBF46B6E4.jpeg 7DB56C4A-6D87-4E6A-BAEB-C17F61E3C4B2.jpeg shes just about done, solar panels are next.

If anyone has any information on solar panels and components please feel free to post anything you think would help me install an efficient charging system, this part of the upgrade i have very little experience with. Thank you for any insight.