Bug out challenge

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As many of our Overland rigs will qualify as Bug Out vehicles also, I would challenge my fellow over landers to come up with the best bug out rig and why. I will start with my own.

Assume a natural disaster that leaves your city infrastructure severely damaged or society breaks down or an EMP bomb takes out all electrical systems.

92 Ram with 5.9 Cummins and Four Wheel camper.

Truck: They made them for many years, they are simple and easy to get parts for (Junk yards are full of them). Axels are Dana 60 front and 70 rear, both considered one ton. NP 205 transfer case is bullet proof and simple. Winch, 10 gallons external fuel storage.

Engine: Can not only run on diesel but kerosene, jet fuel, cooking oil Etc. Parts available everywhere and it was used in everything from generators to bread trucks. And what can I say, it’s the best. Mechanical and not electronically controlled along with the tranny.

Four Wheel camper: Low profile, made for off road, food storage, water storage, heater, water heater, stove and bed.truck.jpg
Tough to beat that dodge in the first post, except those are getting pretty rare on the east coast (rust is not kind). I'm gonna buck the trend and say a bicycle. Any sort of disaster and the roads are going to be ludicrously backed up; might find yourself "getting out of [the] dodge and walking" hahaha!


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Our wild fire evacuation test run last night. The winner was the guy with the 32ft travel trailer rolling out with the folks that took about 8 minutes from waking up to backing out of the driveway. That guy clearly was wearing his super hero underwear last night.

Fire DEPT shut down the fast moving fire in 2hrs!


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After an EMP or disaster the bridges out of town will plugged with vehicles so we'll be paddling our canoes.

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In doing this post, it's not just for fun, but trying to get people thinking about the next disaster, after all its not if, but when, as they say...

Mike W.

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In doing this post, it's not just for fun, but trying to get people thinking about the next disaster, after all its not if, but when, as they say...
I was serious I would saddle the horses if need be. I'm pretty self sustained at home..Food, generator, gold and guns. It wasn't a big concern it just happened. If the dodo hits the fan I will worry about it then..as one of those old dead Romans once said.." live today for tomorrow we die"


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Topic is always a bit funny to me- no electricity, so no fuel (at least for 99% as stations use electric pumps, most computer regulated) for ANY bug out vehicle. We live about an hour from 1M people, daylight basement (earth on 3 sides, walk out to grade on fourth) first floor (no heat or cooling needed), pantry full, 500 gal diesel (most gravity feed) on most local farms, and no 'need' to go anywhere. Roads will be completely blocked (just watch them trying to evacuate for storms with weeks of warning). We are 650' elevation, 2.5 hrs to beach or mtns. Should the above scenario really happen, the survivors will be folks who can sustain where they are indefinitely....
But, vehicle wise?? I'll keep my old mechanical diesel military Defender on 37's to supplement the tractor for longer runs with or without road systems ;-)