Build & Trips on a '12 Trek Mamba 29er

It's definitely time for some maintenance and some new tires. Next trip is a 5-day brewery tour with some buddies in Vermont next month. Pretty excited.
A couple of friends and I teamed up and hit the C&O last week. We were originally going to hit the VT brewery route, but this served as the first shake out for them. Figured we should take the first trip easy and make sure we were good to go. It did not disappoint. The shaded, well-supported route with campsites and wells (marked and reported broken ones) made this an awesome first-time multiday adventure. Tons more pics, but don't want to inundate.

A1.JPG A2.JPG A3(2).JPG A5.JPG A6.JPG IMG_2328.JPG A9.jpg IMG_20180812_161302.jpg IMG_20180812_165413.jpg