Building a roof rack deck on a GMT800 Suburban Z-71


I would still put the hand holes in like v1. Then make a 'plug' for each hole with a thinner top layer about 1/2" bigger than the holes. So you have a cover for each with a plug inside to keep the cover from moving around. Then drill your mounting holes in those plugs rather than the deck. The drill holes, being small, will be hard to seal. So you move those the the plugs which are easier to replace.

What about some small rubber blocks on the bottom of your metal cross bars sitting on top of the factory front to back bars in the roof, that way some of the weight will be transferred to the original support and should prevent any flexing.

Also make an air deflector for the front, look at the roof rack on a nissan xterra how it has that bog flat plate laying back at 45degrees on the front. Make something like that and curve the bottom to match the roof then mount just behind the sunroof.


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I have been doodling ideas for such an air dam, but also incorporating it as a tilt-down or tilt-up cover for a light bar.

But overall I'm more likely to go back to one solid plate of aluminum, mounted near flush with the top of the roof rack rails as v3. It would increase the air gap between deck and vehicle roof by almost 1.5". Might even be able to mount the light bar underslung, under the leading edge of the deck but still high enough and forward enough to get some light on the ground not too far out. While likewise greatly reducing backscatter and glare on the hood.

I waffle back and forth on the design ideas. Negative side of taking so long to work these projects. You can figure a lot of stuff out before you build, but you can also change your mind too much before committing to a design.


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I've always thought why not make an adjustable fairing that's clear and mount your lightbar behind it? Stops the whistle/wind storm from a light bar, benefits of an air dam and can still use the lightbar.

Only downsides are dust/dirt clouding it up and the refraction of the light due to the angle.

Maybe one day.