Building your own canopy/camper.


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The evolution of the `Urban Camo´........:Wow1:


And after paint....

You just have to love the difference...:)


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Not really upgrades to the canopy but still something that takes the weight of the canopy much better......

Dual front Bilstein :Wow1:shocks on each corner from the professionals at Chilliwack spring.

An aditional couple of leafs to the already stout rear suspension......Ya got to love it!:)


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Here is a little video showing how the truck does it off road.....

What do you guys think? Everyone thinks it is top heavy but I think it does allright......:)

You will have to click on the pic/link to see the video...:ylsmoke:


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chilli buddy where did the aluminum come from? Id like to find some but Im afraid it will cost an arm and/or a leg, Ive been thinking of pricing it from enclosed trailer suppliers or the corrugated/textured stuff on campers. Id like to build some sort of canopy on my ol chevy, the wheels of ideas have been turning in my head lately... maybe a good winter project for me.

I need to ask you how the canopy is secured to the truck? Ive always thought it was awesome, since the first time I saw it posted up on here a couple years back.


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To answer your question Bushcoat, the canopy is bolted through the frame at the rear of the box, and I bought the aluminum from a wholesale place in Vancouver. They sell 4 by 8 sheets of aluminum in different thicknesses. The sides are super thin guage and dont cost that much. The top is 3/16, if I remember corectly, and are quite expensive. The corners are covered with a 2 inch right angle aluminum that was kind of pricey too. Otherwise the whole canopy is made of steel studs, 2 by 4s and 3/4 presure treated plywood. I would NOT recomend using presure treated wood. Aluminum does not like it...... The whole thing cost about 2 grand in new materials, but like you said, you could probably pick up some used and recycled stuff on a budget. Let me know if you need any other details...... Cheers, Chilli....:)
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