Built 2000 Excursion 7.3 (Reduced)


I bought this truck from a forum member around a year ago. Truck was very well built when I received it and has served me well. I am on the road more than I thought these days and don't want to rack up the miles on such a cherry of a truck. I also thought I could convince my wife to drive it, but she understandably wants something smaller for her daily.

I am copying most of the post of the guy I bought it from since he did such a good job building and documenting the truck. I have put roughly 14k miles on the truck and only issue I had was turbo failure. I like to upgrade parts when things break so I add a KC300x turbo. Truck makes great power, I still drive it on setting 2 on the hydra since it seems to be the cleanest burning tune for daily driving. The only thing I have upgraded was the turbo and synthetic winch line and hause, everything else is exactly the same as the day I bought it.

As follows:

2000 Ford Excursion Limited 7.3 Diesel 284k Miles ---Asking $29,000


  • Engine and Fuel System: a Powerstroke-focused diesel shop replaced all glow plugs, glow plug controllers, injectors, and injector cups with stock Alliant/International hardware. New under-valve cover harnesses and gaskets. Replaced oil cooler seals. Drained tank and replaced filter screens on fuel pickup. New Rotomaster turbo pedestal and associated seals. Intercooler boots. Motorcraft crank position sensor. New Motorcraft starter. S&B cold air intake. No leaks and doesn’t burn oil. The truck came to me with a Hydra tuner, which I promptly set to “Tow/Economy” and tucked under the dash…the vehicle doesn’t “roll coal” or is otherwise abused. KC300x Turbo (w/ 5k miles)
  • Transmission: replaced original transmission (a well-known weak link on 7.3 Excursions, especially if you tow) with rebuilt unit featuring a billet input shaft and converter, shift kit, and new internals. Includes 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty from a local and extremely well-regarded transmission shop in Fairfax, VA. I also installed a Mishimoto transmission cooler and a Hy-Tec deep transmission pan. New u-joints on rear driveshaft.
  • Cooling System: Mishimoto degas bottle and radiator, Sinister Diesel coolant filtration system and billet aluminum filler neck, new Motorcraft water pump, 205 degree thermostat. New upper and lower hoses.
  • Electrical: New, larger-gauge battery cables from CustomBatteryCables.com (new Motorcraft ones are impossible to find). New Optima Red Top primary battery.
  • Brakes: New front rotors, calipers and lines (June 2021), new rear parking brake assembly and rear rotors (September 2019). Replaced leaking hard line to rear brakes, and Hydroboost line.
  • Suspension and Steering: Old Man Emu suspension system (shocks, ~6” lift, extra overload spring in rear, new track bar). Energy suspension poly spring pack bushings and bump stops. Red Head Steering Gears replacement steering box. All front end components except ball joints (tie rod ends, drag link, etc.) replaced with Moog equivalents; ball joints checked frequently but show no signs of excessive play. BDS dual front steering stabilizer.
  • Wheels, Tires, and Gearing: Five 35x12.5R17 General Grabber ATXs mounted on bronze Method 701s. Purchased in February 2020; approximately 16k miles on tires; PLENTY of tread life left. Front and rear axles regeared with 4.11 Yukon gearsets. All axle seals and bearings replaced, as well as front axle u-joints. Eaton Tru-Trac limited slip differential in rear. New Warn manual hubs.

  • Protection and Recovery: ARB front bumper with a Smittybuilt 15.5k winch. Factor 55 flatlink. Buckstop Truckware rear bumper/tire carrier. ARB single air compressor (mounted in rear of vehicle) with external fitting. I have a Master Pull synthetic line and fairlead.
  • Lighting: KC 644 Pro Sport 644 LED lights (front, spread), KC Gravity LED 4x6 driving lights (in rear bumper). Switches for front and rear KC lights mounted in custom switch panel (with extra slots for additional lighting). Aftermarket Spyder headlights installed by previous owner. LED lights replaced dim factory bulbs in instrument cluster.
  • Gauges: Autometer boost, EGT and transmission temp gauges mounted in interior-colored pod above mirror.
  • Interior: new interior carpet and Kilmat sound deadening. Recovered leather steering wheel. Preparing to recover front seats with Katzkin leather cover, replace drivers lower seat pad. Middle and rear leather seats in great shape for their age.
  • Body: Cut out and replaced driver’s rear rocker panel due to rust (all other panels are rust-free, see pictures). The truck is professionally treated with a rust eliminator, undercoating and wax coating on its underbody and lower door panels.
More Pictures coming


29,350 Pretty firm on the price unless you have a trade for the vehicles mentioned at the top. Truck is located in Anderson, SC. Pm with any questions.


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I having a hard time psting pictures. PM me phone number and I can send via text.


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As the former owner, I can testify to the mechanical condition of the rig (at least as of 14k miles ago!), and can attest to the stoutness and reliability of the platform, which definitely didn’t feel like other trucks of its age that I’ve driven!

I still miss the Ex, but I hope it finds a good home!

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