buying an M416 next week, need help wiring lights


Haha, I'll give you my old tires, but I'm afraid they are probably in worse shape than yours. I'm going to bite the bullet and buy two new reproduction tires from coker tire. The metric size for those tires is 215 85 16, in case you want any thing other than the military ones. Tire rack has a few all terrain tires in that size but they are about same price as the reproduction ones or more expensive.
Oh yeah and i have a buddy in VA who works on a base and they still use a couple of these. He is trying to score some decent used ones from the motor pool, if he can get 4 ill let you know.


Let me know what price you are getting for those tires. I found a guy on pirate who has 4 of them new for $85 each but doesnt want to split them up. If you get a high quote maybe we can just split them.
85 each sounds good! I found them new for 123 each. are the ones from pirate new?

edit: wow, i'm terrible at reading
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