Buying as a foreigner (USA) : Unimog camper in Germany -- export plates?


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Hi all -
I have done some diligent searching and have not come up with a definitive answer. Hoping that somebody here has some insight! My wife and I live in the USA and through a trustworthy friend, have an opportunity to purchase a turn-key U1300L with a box on back. We would love to get the truck home to the USA, but would also be happy just buying it and driving through Europe and selling at the end of our trip.

The truck is in Germany. The internet is telling me it is impossible for me to register it without being German and having a German address.

My questions are:

- Is there a maximum length of time one can have German export plates? (The internet says anywhere from 3 weeks to 1 year. Just seeing if anyone has experience with this.)

- If I were to be able to successfully acquire German export plates for 1 year. Could I use those plates as my vehicle plates while traveling to various places in the EU?

- Has anyone heard of a service that allows you to register your vehicle with them as a foreigner ( put the vehicle in their business name)? (I read that a few people used a service like this and then had third-party liability insurance).

- As an American with a standard Class C license, am I permitted to drive a Unimog without a special "heavy truck" license?

Any other helpful advice on if purchasing the Mog' in Germany would be a good idea would be very much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this.